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Irish Dance

Irish dance is believed to have started when the Celts arrived in Ireland over 2,000 years ago. Today, the most common form of Irish dance is the Munster style which has been formalized by An Coiminsium le Rinci Gaelacha – the Irish Dancing Commission. Irish step dancing falls into two broad categories based on the shoes worn: hard shoe and soft shoe. All students start with a minimum of two years of soft shoe training, and when invited, will be able to start hard shoe training along with the continuation of soft shoe classes.

Mastery of rhythm and timing is the goal for beginning students, as well as the advanced. This mastery is built upon with the addition of new and more complicated steps and types of dance as the student progresses. It all comes together in choreographed selections for the annual recital.

If your student is passionate about Irish dance, and would like the opportunity to perform throughout the Ames community to promote Irish dance, then the Irish Performance Team (IPT) is a great opportunity for him or her. Students in this program will learn several routines to perform at various venues and events including St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, educational programs, and other events if invited. IPT is by audition only.

Click picture for a video of an IPT St. Patrick's Day Performance!






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